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Dwyane Wade is again working with trainer Tim Grover

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The now famous former trainer of Michael Jordan, Tim Grover, is working again with Dwyane Wade. What does this mean for the Heat?

Feng Li

As Dwyane Wade is nearing the age of 32 this season, he again had a procedure done to his knee to help him get back to the Dwyane Wade we know.

Because for much of the post-season, Wade was not himself. A bad knee limited Dwyane to career lows in the post-season. Yet the Heat still won the championship behind the efforts of LeBron James, and a very clutch Ray Allen. Wade, when healthy, is still one of the elite players in the NBA. We saw that during the Heat's 27 game win streak where Dwyane was himself and dominant alongside of James.

But now, Dwyane knows this is an important year. With a pending free agency for Chris Bosh and LeBron, the Heat's future could be in the balance if they are unsuccessful this year. And so he has again turned to trainer Tim Grover to help him be stronger and better than before.

He’s going to get down to 212 pounds next year and he’s going to come back and reinvent himself and everyone is going to say 'Wow!' -Pat Riley

Why Wade went away from Grover before? I don't know. But what we do know is that Grover is the best in the business. He doesn't just help athletes get back from injury, he helps them come back stronger.

"I don't train my clients to be good as new, I want them to be better than ever," Grover said about working with Wade again. "That's the goal for Dwyane."

Wade received help from Grover in the middle of the 2013 NBA Finals. He also trained with Grover when he came back from injury in 2008, and boy did he come back stronger. Wade led the NBA in scoring that season. Wade believes that he can return from injury and quiet the doubters.

"I don't worry about it because I've dealt with so many different injuries since I was young and I've always bounced back," Wade said. "I've seen it work with my body before; I'm confident it will. My skills haven't diminished. I'm not done yet."

What this means for the Heat
If Dwyane Wade comes back and has an entire year of health and strength - watch out! The Heat will be something they have never had in any complete post-season. Dwyane, although nearing decline because of age, is still capable of being an incredible basketball player. Injuries are the only thing that has held him back. And if Grover is making Wade and his knee durable enough to be strong and forget the past, the Heat may be even better this year than last.

Now, unforeseen injuries do the rest of his body could derail this plan. But the Heat and Wade can benefit greatly from him being healthy. Not only that, but even from a fan's perspective - wouldn't it be just great to see Wade healthy, happy, and on the court for the majority?

Wade is beloved in Miami, and seemingly can't do any wrong. And if working with Grover makes him durable at least for this year, which in turn can keep LeBron around longer, then this is the smartest move by Dwyane Wade that he can make.

A healthy Dwyane Wade with a healthy LeBron James most likely equates to a third straight NBA Championship.

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