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Wade's World Foundation sued because of a drumstick

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Dwyane Wade has had his share of courtroom battles after a very lengthy and public divorce. Now his Wade's World Foundation is being sued because of a drumstick... yes, a drumstick.

Christian Petersen

According to TMZ, Wade's World Foundation is being sued by a Chicago woman who attended its Chicago Has Talent Showcase last year.

Andrea Alexander filed the lawsuit against Dwyane Wade's foundation claiming to have taken a hit to the head by a high school band's bass drummer's mallet, which has caused her "severe and permanent injuries."

She faults the foundation for "negligently allowing the band to play in the narrow aisles," and is suing for at least $50,000.

According to the foundation's website, the event took place during their 5th annual W3 Weekend:

Saturday night during W3 Weekend was definitely L I V E! Dwyane hosted his 4th Annual Chicago Has Talent Showcase at the Chicago Theatre. The show was opened with a crowd pleasing performance by Disney Star, Coco Jones and closed with an explosive performance by Teen pop sensation Jacob Latimore.

In between the guest performances was the homegrown talent from Chicago. The talent was overflowing with spectacular young artists, but somehow the judges were able to narrow it down to 17 performers/groups. Those 17 finalist received an opportunity of a lifetime, and performed for an audience of over 3,000 at the legendary Chicago Theatre.

Special guests included Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, entertainment personality Billy Dec, and actress Tika Sumpter.

A recap of the event showcasing Chicago's talented youth can be seen below. If you fast-forward to 0:17 in the video, the alleged bass drum mallet mentioned in Alexander's lawsuit just might be spotted.

$50,000 over a bass drum mallet, really? #smh

Alexander is also suing the venue and the band's high school.

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