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Update to LeBron's Police escort investigation

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LeBron James was found not to be in the wrong after the police escort to a concert


As reported previously here on Hot Hot Hoops, LeBron James received an escort by the police to Sun Life Stadium for the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert. This sparked an investigation as to the details because this broke policy.

It was learned today that LeBron is not in the wrong here, but rather the officer who gave the escort.

Per the Miami-Dade Polic eDepartment:

"Upon investigating the escort incident involving professional athlete Lebron James, the Miami-Dade Police Department has chosen to discipline the officer involved by giving him an, "Informal Counseling." At this time, there will be no further action taken."

So, LeBron is good to go, but should stay away from police escorts in the future unless he gets permission.