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DeShawn Stevenson publicly lobbies for Heat roster spot; Yakhouba Diawara to try out for team

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If you can't beat them, join them (or at least try to)


DeShawn Stevenson has had an "interesting" past with LeBron James, stretching back to their days when LeBron played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Stevenson was with the Washington Wizards and through the 2011 NBA Finals when the Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks.

Whether it's been the two players jawing at each other on and off the court or with Stevenson's critical comments to the press over the years of LeBron, as well as his assertion that LeBron "checked out" during the Finals, you'd think that Stevenson would be an unlikely free agency target for the Heat.

Apparently that's not what Stevenson thinks and he'd love a shot to win another ring, this time as a member of the current NBA Champions.

Also, picked up an interesting story from in which former Heat player Yakhouba Diawara will return to Miami next week to workout for the team.

The report says that Diawara has also recently worked out for the L.A. Clippers. My French isn't very good but apparently Diawara is looking for a larger role in the NBA than merely riding the bench all season and would be more than content to play for a competitive European club that will participate in the major international tournaments there. The French international has been in talks with several Euro teams but would likely welcome a return to the NBA ranks.

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