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VIDEO: #NamasteBosh Documentary Part 1 - Bosh and family arrive in India

Bosh shares parts of his trip to India where he joined NBA Cares to help promote basketball in that country.

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Chris Bosh took a detour during his summer vacation and traveled to Mumbai, India as part of NBA Cares to help promote basketball and to connect with fans locally.

Part 1 of #Namaste Bosh was released on Vimeo by the Miami Heat all-star yesterday:

During Chris Bosh's summer vacation travels this year (2013) he was asked by the NBA to take a detour trip to Mumbai, India. He was presented with the task of helping the growth of basket ball in India. Feeling honored to have been asked to do such a task, Chris Bosh decided to alter his family trip(s) in order to make this happen. This is Part 1 of his adventure.