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Dwyane Wade, Heat show support for Michael Beasley

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Dwyane Wade is on board with Beasley's return in a public show of support...


The message was clear and concise, Dwyane Wade is ready to welcome back former teammate Michael Beasley.

Showing support for the former Heat 2008 lottery draft pick, Wade took to Instagram to display an old picture of the two playing together and appears to be welcoming the return of "Super Cool Beas".

Sometimes u need to fall 2 see who will pick up.. Welcome home Beas we got your back... #heatfamily

Wade, who is in San Diego in anticipation for tomorrow's wedding of LeBron James and Savannah Brinson, isn't the only one welcoming back Beasley either, with Mario Chalmers being the first Heat player to celebrate the controversial signing of his former fellow Heat rookie teammate.

Pat Riley also has offered praise for Beasley in his short statement that accompanied the official Heat press release announcing the surprising signing.

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