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Mr and Mrs LeBron James: The love behind the story

LeBron James married his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson, on Saturday night and while photos and details remain minimal, we celebrate with a look back at 2 revealing videos of their true love.

No cameras allowed! Saturday night created some disappointment for Miami HEAT and King James fans as photos of the highly secured wedding of Savannah Brinson and LeBron James were non-existent on social media. Almost 6 hours after the ceremony, the only things the world knew were: the wedding took place at 4:30pm at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego and most Miami HEAT players and coaches were in attendance along with Pat Riley and A-List NBA stars like Carmelo Anthony. Late reports said there were fireworks, too!


The big issue - neither cameras nor cell phones were allowed in the wedding ceremony or reception. (Supposedly.)

But guess what. You actually can celebrate a couple's love without pictures and nosy details of their private moments. Oh those will come in time, I'm sure. But for now, while we wait, take a look at their love story through these 2 beautifully insightful videos.

It wasn't too long ago when LeBron told Oprah about how he proposed to his high school sweetheart. He went on to share his thoughts on their relationship. Hearing King James explain what Savannah means to him in an open and candid interview is refreshing and heartwarming. (See video above.)

Then in a much older video, we get a glimpse of the humble beginnings of LeBron and Savannah's family life when their youngest son, Bryce, was just a toddler and they still lived in Ohio. Seeing Savannah tear up when she talks about LeBron as a dad gives us equally rich insight into her love for him.

After seeing the private back story to this unique love story, pictures from the wedding, once they come, will mean so much more.

Until then we celebrate their love and send best wishes while we wait. Patiently.

(Photo Credit: Jerrold Brinson Instagram)

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