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Exclusive: LeBron James Wedding Crasher tells "everything"

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Making her way through top-notch security, one woman manages to crash Savannah and LeBron James wedding in high-style.

Coach Spo and the Ultimate Wedding Crasher
Coach Spo and the Ultimate Wedding Crasher
Meredith Kaloogian

Look who crashed LeBron James' wedding! It's Meredith Kaloogian! Wait, who?

As countless media sat hundreds of feet outside the hotel property, as helicopters swirled trying to capture distant photos, as cameras and cell phones were taken from guests to secure privacy for the event, one brazen young woman crashed King James' Royal Wedding and proudly posted her photo on Instagram.


The photo was taken with Miami HEAT head coach, Erik Spoelstra. Kaloogian was brave enough to take a picture with Coach Spo, but, she admitted, the woman with Spo "was so pissed at me."

In an exclusive interview with Hot Hot Hoops, Kaloogian confirmed details from our previous wedding article and shared that the fireworks show was "so beautiful."  When asked for more details about who and what she saw, Kaloogian went on to say:

"I felt all the love and respect the guests had for the James family.  I, in return, want to show them my love and respect by not talking about what took place at the Grand Del Mar."  She went on to say, "There was literally so much love and you could feel it in the air. I have a great feeling about LeBron and Savannah. I am sure it will turn out great for them."

Those words speak volumes. No matter what the material picture, no matter how glorious and awe-inspiring, the King James Royal Wedding Crasher was most impressed with the energy of love that filled the event. Proof that sometimes less really is more as this description actually does tell "everything."

Kaloogian is a University of Arkansas graduate and former Fox News intern who aspires to work as a football reporter. Looks like investigative reporting is her specialty. You gotta love it when the ultimate wedding crasher has the ethics to keep it classy.

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