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Video: Dwyane Wade stops by The Tonight Show

Wade discusses winning his third championship, fatherhood, his relationship with Gabrielle Union and more with Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

The Tonight Show, YouTube

Dwyane Wade stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday night to discuss a few things with the veteran talk show host.

Wade talked about the highs and lows of the Heat's come-from-behind victory in Game 6 of the NBA Finals over the San Antonio Spurs that forced a Game 7 and led to the team's second straight championship.

"They started bringing out, like, the yellow tape," he told Leno. "When they bring out the yellow tape, that means someone's about to celebrate. Being down 5 with 20-something seconds, you know it's not you."

He also talked about his sons and having spent the summer with them, a new line of mens socks that will debut in November and his Wade's World Foundation's charity work.

Check out the two-part segment of Wade's Tonight Show visit along with a few extras.

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