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Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant take shots at each other via social media

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We've got a war of words between two of the league's biggest superstars and the NBA season hasn't even begun yet.

Mike Ehrmann

We're down to 35 days before the first tip of the 2013-14 NBA season and two of the league's biggest superstars are already taking shots at each other via social media.

Sports Illustrated released their 'Top 10 Players of 2014' list this week and Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant said he would take former teammate James Harden over Dwyane Wade on that list.

"I think you’re missing on James Harden," Durant said. When asked which player should be replaced, Durant reportedly replied "Dwyane Wade" without hesitation.

Feeling disrespected, Wade posted the following photo to his Instagram account Tuesday night.

Shortly after, Kevin Durant took to Twitter with his reply to Wade's post.

Both teams meet at AmericanAirlines Arena Wednesday, January 29th and this will certainly set the stage for an interesting match up.

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