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Chris Bosh appears in animated series

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Chris Bosh took appearance in the animated short film series Gallery Mallory where he displayed his poor shooting touch.

Chris Bosh animated in Gallery Mallory
Chris Bosh animated in Gallery Mallory

Despite going to Game 7 of the NBA Finals, it must have been a really long off-season. So long, Chris Bosh had time to not only travel to India, but make a guest appearance verbally on the animated film series from CW Seed called Gallery Mallory.

What's the series all about? Over-educated and bitterly under-employed Mallory, a stylish, acerbic twenty-something, tries to do the bare minimum while working at a snobby Soho art gallery, but the real-life celebrities she encounters don't make it so easy.

It the short film, Bosh comes in to buy some artwork, surprises Mallory with his knowledge, and ends by missing the mark on shooting trash into a trashcan. It's only a few minutes long, and what else do you have to do.

Due to the nature of CW Seed, we can't embed the video, but you can watch it by clicking HERE

Are you ready for the season to start?