king's Heist ?


At the start of a new season many challenges face the defending champions the Miami heat. No challenge greater than the challenge that will face them at seasons end. The Miami heat has enjoyed more than a modicum of success since they joined forces in the summer of 2010. They been to three NBA finals since the Big Three arrived wining two of the three. Few franchise can claim that type of success, some franchises have yet to record one NBA crown let alone back to back championship as the Miami heat have accomplished. With all they have achieved in the past three years it will pale in comparison to what they can do this season and next off season alone.


This season the Miami heat will try to be the first franchise to three-peat since Shaq and Kobe Lakers from the early 2000’s a feat that is so rare in the NBA that only three franchises have ever done it. The Los Angeles Lakers twice (once as the Minneapolis Lakers), the Chicago Bulls twice (1991-93, 1996-98), and the Boston Celtics who won eight consecutive titles from 1955-1966. To three-peat is to enter to rarefied air it's to have your named etched in to the pantheon of NBA greats. This season for the heat is more than just any old mundane regular season for the heat.


Dwyane Wade hurts knee Heat-Bulls Game 4

This season they have a chance to enter in to NBA lure and to take their place amongst the great teams of the sport. This season can be the defining moment for a franchise that brokered the hopes of the franchise on three players, but also they can ease some of the doubt that rest in the mind of LeBron James. If the Miami heat wins the NBA title I don’t see LeBron James leaving for greener pastures. As he surveys the NBA landscape and look at what’s out there I don’t think he will see that a team can offer him a better situation the heat currently does, but it’s contingent on the health of Dwyane Wade and his balky left knee. The heat will need a healthy Dwyane Wade to three-peat because if he stumbles through another post-season and the heat loses in the second round I think LeBron James will start to question if he can truly compete for champions with a wounded Wade and a passive Chris Bosh . This season is setting up to be probably the most important in the Miami heat franchise they can possibly complete the King’s Heist and three-peat and lock up LeBron and have him permanently in Miami for the rest of his career. Cheers to an intriguing NBA season on the horizon.

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