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We want your take! Are Andrew Bynum and the Miami Heat a good mix?

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Andrew Bynum was waived by the Bulls on Tuesday and will clear waivers later this week. Reports are that the Miami Heat are near the top of the interested teams.

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Here we go again. We have reports that the Miami Heat are interested in acquiring the services of Andrew Bynum. Bynum was traded from Cleveland to Chicago and then the Bulls immediately waived prior to his contract being guaranteed. Bynum cleared waivers, and is free to sign with any team.

Reports have been out that the Heat and L.A. Clippers are at the top of eight teams expected to reach out to Bynum in attempts to recruit him. For the Heat, it would mean releasing someone to make room for Bynum, or finding someone to trade in exchange for draft picks. Bynum was supposedly going to be signed by the weekend, but that has come and gone.

The Heat already guaranteed the contracts of Michael Beasley, Greg Oden, and Roger Mason Jr. by keeping them past last Tuesday. One would think if the Heat were truly interested, they would have released one of them. But there's always the option that the Heat find a suitor to take Joel Anthony from them. He's likely the only player that is up for trades on this roster. If Miami can find a suitor for him without taking back any additional players, they are ready for Bynum.

Listen, there are players on this roster who are untouchable in regards to acquiring Andrew Bynum, i.e. players who are more important than getting him: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Norris Cole, Chris Andersen, and Michael Beasley. Then there are players you just can't move as a franchise: James Jones and Udonis Haslem. Then there are players it is unlikely anyone will take: Roger Mason Jr. and Rashard Lewis. It leaves us Greg Oden, who the Heat have put a lot of time in returning to a state productivity and Joel Anthony.

Joel Anthony hasn't been used for any important time this season. Even when Chris Bosh or Chris Andersen are out with injury, Anthony doesn't get the time. It's clear Miami has overlooked him as a part of the rotation. He's been loyal to Miami and they have been loyal to him, but it seems he's the only piece available to move if they want to acquire Bynum. They'll need to find someone who wants Anthony, because his contract his guaranteed for next season as well.

Still, one has to wonder if Bynum is worth the work and effort. Hot Hot Hoops made the case FOR and AGAINST bringing Andrew Bynum on the roster not too long ago. Andrew Bynum regardless of whether he is good or not at this point is a no risk add if Joel Anthony is the one leaving. Anthony doesn't play. So as long as the Heat think Bynum will be OK in the locker room, they may go for it.

The Heat's biggest concern should be Bynum's presence in the locker room. Would his addition be welcomed or not?

The main reason Miami would be interested in Bynum is to find a big to battle with Roy Hibbert in the playoffs. Marc Stein of ESPN reported that the Pacers were on of the teams to reach out to Bynum's camp in exploratory talks. The Pacers' interest seems to be to keep Bynum away from the Heat rather an addition to their chemistry.

So we are asking you HHH readers: What do you think? Would Andrew Bynum be a good solution and addition to the Heat's big man group, or would it be a Mike Bibby type failed move?

Answer our poll and give us your best discussion in the comments.