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3 reasons why the Miami Heat must sign Andrew Bynum

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Andrew Bynum is currently available on the free agent market, should the Miami Heat roll the dice on Bynum?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Andrew Bynum hit free agency, a rumored destination for Bynum has been in South Beach. Some have been urging Pat Riley to sign the troubled center, and some are against bringing Andrew Bynum onto the team.

I myself, am on the side of wanting to see Andrew Bynum in a Miami Heat uniform, and to me, the decision is very clear. Here are three reasons why signing Andrew Bynum would be a great move by Pat Riley:

1. Roy Hibbert

Lets go back to last year's Eastern Conference Finals. Although the Heat ended up winning the series in seven games, it easily could have been an Indiana Pacers - San Antonio Spurs NBA Finals.

What almost cost Miami the series was their lack of size, and inability to guard Roy Hibert (Chris Bosh...cough cough). In Bosh's defense, Hibbert has a big size advantage over Bosh, but that is an issue that would be solved by bringing in Andrew Bynum.

Rebounding wasn't only a problem for Chris Bosh, but for the entire Miami Heat team. Miami was out-rebounded by 55 during the Eastern Conference Finals.....yes, 55! 299 to 244 to be exact. What is also amazing is that somehow LeBron James and co. were able to win the series regardless.

2. You cannot depend on Greg Oden

Believe it or not, Greg Oden actually played in a NBA game for the first time since 2009, when he appeared in eight minutes of action against the Washington Wizards last Wednesday. In his limited playing time, Oden scored six points and grabbed two rebounds. After sitting out the next game against the Philadelphia 76ers, he played five minutes against the Charlotte Bobcats and made one free throw but committed three fouls in five minutes.

Considering Oden hasn't played in a regular season game since 2009, just the fact he's even playing is good news for the Heat, his stats are just icing on the cake. Although Oden played well, just think about this....he hasn't been healthy for an entire season since he came into the NBA. He hadn't even played in a regular season game in a little more than four years.

That isn't someone you can depend on come playoff time. You just can't expect him to be 100% healthy, and be able to play a lot in meaningful playoff games.

Andrew Bynum might not be the most durable player in the NBA, but he is a lot more dependable than Greg Oden.

3. To keep him from signing with Indiana or another contender.

It was hard enough last year for the Heat to beat the Pacers and their 7-foot, 2-inch center Roy Hibbert, just imagine if they were to add yet another big man to their bench in Andrew Bynum. Miami can't let the Pacers get their hands on Bynum, and the Pacers are saying the same thing. They don't want to let Erik Spoelstra and the Heat add Andrew Bynum to their rotation.

Now, those are the three main reasons why the Miami Heat should try to sign Andrew Bynum in my opinion. Disagree? Let your voice be heard in the comment section below.