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HHH GameDay Preview: Miami Heat vs Golden State Warriors

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Ridden with injuries, Miami looks to persevere and defeat one of the West's most exciting threats, The Golden State Warriors.

Mike Ehrmann

Miami and Golden State are set to face off tonight at 7:30pm Eastern time.

As basketball enthusiasts are well aware, this is perhaps one of the most exciting match-ups of the regular season, or it would be if everybody in South Beach was healthy. LeBron James is back, but an unfortunate case of back spasms against Denver leave Dwyane Wade questionable for this one. When asked about his status, Coach Spoelstra explained that Dwyane was just sore, that he expected to loosen up and it just didn't happen.

Heat point guard Norris Cole also remains questionable after suffering a gruesome injury against Denver where he smacked his jaw against the hardwood. Chris "Birdman" Andersen's back woes continue as well, and he might be miss his fourth straight in this one.

In spite of these injuries, it's worth noting that LeBron James is back to normal stating that his groin is just fine. After a 26 point and 10 assist outing against the Nuggets I think Heat fans can feel comfortable about his condition.

The Warriors are on fire coming into this one, looking to expand on a six game winning streak. When asked about this game Warriors superstar Steph Curry explained

"We feel like if we play the way we are supposed to play, we can beat everybody in this league. That is the mindset that we have and it is nice to have everybody healthy and ready to go to finish out this road trip and keep the momentum that we have."

This is going to be a tough battle in South Beach especially if Wade, Andersen, and Birdman are ruled out of competing. The "Super Splash Bros" have been spectacular over the course of the season, and Golden State's defense has been stellar in their last six wins. Nevertheless, their bench is still weak compared to Miami's.

This will be a battle of wits and experience, and with Miami having seen it all in the past three seasons it's possible that their veteran mindsets help certify another victory in South Beach.