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LeBron named to Team USA 28-man pool, Wade and Bosh left out

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Team USA named their 28-man pool for the 2014-16 Olympic run, of which they will take 12 to the 2016 Olympics. LeBron James was included, by both previous medal winners Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were not.


LeBron James is in the mix to participate in his 4th Olympics in 2016. James participated in 2004 and won the gold in 2008 and 2012 as a part of Team USA.

On Thursday, the official list of the 28-man pool for Team USA was announced. LeBron James, not surprisingly, got the invite to participate. James will be the 7th oldest player of the 28-man pool. Of the 28, only 12 will get the official invite to the 2016 Olympics. The team will send a group to the World Cup in Spain this summer, and if they win that they will have 2015 off as they already qualify for the Olympics.

Left off the roster are previous gold-medal winners of the Miami Heat - Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Both Wade and Bosh face free agency coming up, and with a new crop of players that will be in their prime come 2016, they were not included.

This roster is extremely talented, deep and versatile -Jerry Colangelo

It's hard to accept at some level. Other big men of the roster seem like Bosh may be a better fit. Remember, Bosh will only be 30 years old when the 2016 Olympics roll around, still well in his prime years. Wade however, would be 34, and although a good player now, may not be the wisest of selections at that point in time.

The newest members of the national team roster are: LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland Trail Blazers); Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards); DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings); Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons); Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets); Paul George (Indiana Pacers); Gordon Hayward (Utah Jazz); Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers); Kyle Korver (Atlanta Hawks); David Lee (Golden State Warriors); Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs); Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers); and Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors).

Returning to the USA National Team for 2014-16 is three-time Olympic medalists and two-time Olympic gold medalists Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks); two-time Olympic gold medalists Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers); and Deron Williams (Brooklyn Nets); 2012 Olympic gold medalists Tyson Chandler (New York Knicks); Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder); James Harden (Houston Rockets); Andre Iguodala (Golden State Warriors); Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves); Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder); 2008 Olympic gold medalist Dwight Howard (Houston Rockets), as well as Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers), who was originally named to the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team roster but was unable to participate because of an injury.

All 28 selected players have prior USA Basketball experience at some level, whether from in between Olympics or a training roster.

LeBron James Kevin Durant Carmelo Anthony Dwight Howard
Tyson Chandler Stephen Curry Blake Griffin James Harden
Kyle Korver Bradley Beal Paul George Anthony Davis
Kevin Love Chris Paul LaMarcus Aldridge Damian Lillard
Derrick Rose Russell Westbrook Deron Williams Andre Iguodala
DeMarcus Cousins Andre Drummond Kenneth Faried Kyrie Irving
David Lee Klay Thompson Kawhi Leonard Gordon Hayward

What do you think?
Should Wade and Bosh have been included in the roster? If so, who should they have replaced?