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HHH GameTime Preview: Heat host Thunder in another Finals rematch

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The league's most ferocious scorer, versus the the league's most prolific player. Can the Slim Reaper dethrone King James in his own kingdom?

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It's been weeks, yet his name still graces the sport's feed. Everywhere you look he's doing something else, performing feats that some could only imagine. It's possible that he's the best player in the game right now.

I'm not talking about LeBron James. While LeBron's two rings make an enormous statement, Kevin Durant has been playing out of his mind in the last three weeks skewing the minds of all basketball enthusiasts. Armed with a fancy new nickname "Slim Reaper" and a scythe of a jumpshot, Kevin Durant has taken the league by storm, and hopes to set off a hurricane in Miami.

LeBron James himself even admitted recently that no one can guard Kevin Durant without help. Luckily for the Heat superstar he has just that, and it will undoubtedly be the x-factor in tonight's anticipated contest. Miami's bench is perhaps the deepest in the league, while Oklahoma City's is sub-par with the absence of Russel Westbrook. There is no doubt that Kevin Durant will score a surplus of points in this game, he's scored at least 30 points in his last 11 games, but nevertheless is just 3-13 against a LeBron James-led Heat.

Many assume this is a battle of MVP discussion, a statement game perhaps, however LeBron doesn't see it that way. At this point in the season it's obvious that KD is the unanimous favorite for the league's MVP, but LeBron has disregarded these statements making it clear he plays to win, and hinting that the season is barely half over. LeBron has admitted in the past that he's jealous of Kevin Durant at times, and follows his exploits constantly, making one wonder how he'll approach the match-up this evening.

LeBron explained when asked about the game:

"I like going against the best," James said. "And he's definitely right up there. ... He's a great guy to compete against, man. I wish I could play against him every night because he brings that competitive nature out of you."

It will definitely be a competitive match-up and hopefully one of the season's best. With the Heat at full strength once again, this match-up should provide a preview into Miami's post-season capabilities, but only time will tell. In any case, tune into ESPN at 7:00pm Eastern Time.

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