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LeBron James tries out machine guns at a Miami gun range

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Is there a future for LeBron as an action movie star?

The days of an NBA superstar wishing to fire off a gigantic saw belt machine gun in privacy at a local range are long gone. Now, thanks to the internet we have video coming in of LeBron James doing exactly that.

Here's FanSided with some info on a relaxing afternoon for the reigning MVP:

James decided to take some R & R at a local gone range and fired a couple of weapons. He fired a H&K MP5 sub machine gun which is pretty intense in itself. Then James went a bit bigger and fired a M249 SAW belt-fed machine gun.

That is some serious weaponry and looks like a lot of fun. This took place at Lock & Load Miami Machine Gun Experience & Range in Miami and they posted the videos to their YouTube page.