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Ray Allen Productivity Review

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Despite injuries and father time taking their toll, Allen remains comfortable in his role and a productive member of the Miami Heat.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

While the spotlight may be constantly glued to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, it's important to regard the Miami Heat's depth and the supporting players that make up the bench. Ray Allen is currently in his 18th NBA season, and despite age taking its toll in some respects, he's still putting up a respectable stat line and delivering when called upon.

There is no denying Allen's legacy, Jesus Shuttlesworth is the best NBA three point shooter of all time having hit 7,236 treys in his eighteen year career. He's done so with a 40% success rate from behind the arc, and what the statistic doesn't encompass is how many of those were game winners, and/or "hero shots." It's obvious that Ray Allen is in the top five players you want taking the last shot and that hasn't changed within his tenure as an NBA marksman.

In his second year with the Miami Heat, Allen is currently averaging 9.9 points, 2.7 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and a 36.2 three point percentage. While not All-Star numbers, one must realize that Allen who is currently 38 years old is in a limited role with the Heat compared to his time in Boston or Seattle. Allen is more than capable of putting up solid numbers, his 19.9 career points per game are a testament to that, but presently he's positioned where it appears he is succeeding in his role.

Allen, has also been battling a knee injury throughout this first half of the season that is no doubt limiting him in some regards. Regardless of Allen's body ailing him, he has proven to be more of an all-around athlete this season often driving to the hoop rather than stopping and pulling up for a jumper. While the result as of late has no doubt been spectacular, it will be interesting to see what kind of toll this has on Allen down the line.

To put it simply, Ray Allen is doing fine in his role this season. His age of course while limiting him, does not take away from his legacy. While some might disregard his current stat-line, one must come to realisations that it's subject to improve as long as Wade continues to sit back-to-backs and as long as he remains healthy.

Regardless of age, Allen will continue to be a threat especially as the clock winds down.