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HHH GameTime: Five Questions With Posting And Toasting

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Seth Rosenthal took some time out of his schedule to answer some questions about Miami's opponent tonight, the New York Knicks.

Mike Ehrmann

In preparation for tonight's matchup, Seth Rosenthal of Posting and Toasting answered five questions for Hot Hot Hoops.

Kevin Kraczkowski (Hot Hot Hoops): Do you think Carmelo Anthony would forgo his statline if the Knicks signed a few more big names for a legit shot to make a deep run in the postseason?

Seth Rosenthal (Posting and Toasting): I don't think it's so much about his stat line as it is about salary. Melo stands to make maximum money if the Knicks resign him (which they've said they want to do). It'd do the Knicks a huge service for Melo to accept something less than that maximum money, but we have no reason to believe he'll do that.

KK: How good has Andrea Bargnani been for you?

SR: Individually, Bargnani's production has been fine enough. His outside shooting's been down (for him) all year, but his rebounding has better than usual and he's a genuinely useful defender in the post. As a defender on the move or in any sort of pick-and-roll, though, he's pretty bad, and the Knicks have been generally worse with him on the court. And he's on the court a lot. So, that's not so good.

KK: The East is still looking pretty shallow. Do you think the Knicks are still in this thing - at least enough to vie for a bottom four seed?

SR: Yeah, probably, just because the East is so terrible. And I figure the season's long enough that they'll either figure some things out or make a big move that improves their short-term prospects.

KK: After a few bad seasons, the Knicks have made the playoffs three straight times. Will there be any major changes in the front office if the team fails to recover enough to make an appearance?

SR: I mean, there were major changes in the front office after two of those playoff seasons, so I don't think one has much to do with the other. Steve Mills was just (re)hired though, so I figure he'll stick around as president for a little bit.

KK: Say the Knicks set the HEAT down tonight - how did they pull it off?

SR: Hit a ton of threes, create a very favorable turnover margin, and more than likely benefit from the Heat not playing their hardest.

Thank you, Seth, for answering our questions. For more on the Knicks, head over to Posting and Toasting.