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Chris Bosh reflects on loss to Cavs and upcoming Heat season

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Bosh had a lot to say following Miami's preseason loss versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. In doing so, he explained where he feels Miami needs to improve, and how they will fare down the line.

Matthew Stockman

Following Saturday's preseason loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, it was made clear that the Miami Heat still has a lot of work to do in order to be prepared for the upcoming season.

That's not to say Miami played poorly against the Cavaliers, (they were actually good and demonstrated a lot of heart in the final minutes), but rather to point out that preseason doesn't paint the clearest image of how capable this team is.

Heat superstar Chris Bosh was able to elaborate on what is transpiring within the confines of the Heat locker room, as well as reflect on the key pillars Miami must address before moving into the season. Bosh was straight to the point when addressing Miami's play versus Cleveland, and really brought the Heat's defensive woes into the spotlight when asked his thoughts on they faired against LeBron's new team he said:

"We need to turn the corner defensively"

He also continued to explain that the second group needed to be better, but was impressed with how the veterans are fairing. When asked about how the loss was affecting him, he made it clear as always that the Heat need to put their best foot forward, execute on offense and always play to win.

It was apparent Saturday night that both teams were without some of their key players (Miami without Josh McRoberts and Cleveland without Kyrie Irving). When questioned about whether or not the contest provided a good measurement as to where they were as a unit, Bosh was quick to address the fact saying:

"Yeah, but they had guys out and we had guys out, Josh and Kyrie"

"It provides a good measuring stick, we had some good shots we just missed a lot of them, our defense forget about it, it wasn't good."

When asked if he thinks McRoberts will make a difference down the line, Bosh was indifferent, but seemed genuinely optimistic about him joining the team, but made it clear that there isn't much he can do while he's off the court :

"I have no idea yet, I think he'll be able to add a lot. He can't get acclimated until he's out there."

When asked about the surplus of rookies on the Miami roster, Bosh seemed lighthearted while at the same time realistic explaining what many consider the downfall of the Heat's preseason:

"I didn't know we had so many rookies."

Bosh refined his comment saying that some rookies look 30, but are really only in their twenties. Additionally, he praised them saying that they take instruction extremely well, but just need to be able to transfer it effectively into the game. He ended on a lighter note disclosing that the rookies have no real name right now besides, "Rook" and that him calling them that was his way of kicking it old school.

When asked about the difference from last year to this year, Bosh was clear in his response saying:

"Last year we could just hit the ground running. Not everybody is in shape yet It's good to see what mistakes were made."

From what was said in the interviews, it appears as if Bosh is genuinely excited for the upcoming season. It's evident that he's finally taken the reigns as a key leader on the team, and is not afraid to voice his displeasures. It's jarring to hear the disrespect people have for him, since I personally believe he realizes that most underrate him and is planning to prove them wrong once the season begins.

As aforementioned, preseason basketball rarely demonstrates a team at their full strength, but Miami's potential is evident and it's clear that Chris Bosh has taken note.