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HHH Roundtable Season Preview: Predictions

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We aren't fortune tellers, but we dedicate a lot of our time watching the Heat, listening to the Heat, and evaluating the Heat. So here's the season predictions from your staff writers here at Hot Hot Hoops.

Matthew Stockman

The staff or writers here at HHH want to give you our thoughts and predictions on the season for the Heat, and the rest of the NBA. Make sure you chime in at the end on the comments and let us know where you agree and/or disagree with us!

1. Who will be the team's MVP?

David Ramil (@dramil13): It's gotta be Chris Bosh. Although Wade is still the team's emotional barometer, I think Bosh's contract warrants more touches and increased statistical production.

Matt Pineda (@pinedaHEAT): Chris Bosh will be the best player, but Dwyane Wade will be the most valuable. The Heat are really going to need him to reassert himself as a dominant player and someone who can penetrate the lane.

Azam Masood (@AMas92): I'm gonna go with Chris Bosh because I'm factoring his pick & roll defense and generally anchoring what should be a top 8 defense in addition to his increased touches.

Jordan Nedlin (@SummerofNed): Chris Bosh looks to regain his "number 1 option" status on team that is still very much a playoff contender in the Eastern Conference. He will take advantage of increased opportunity.

Brandon Di Perno (@Brandon_DiPerno): I will never lose hope in Dwyane Wade, everytime I think he's done physically, he surprises me in different ways. I think this season will be no different. Wade finally has his team back. While fantastic it was weird watching LeBron lead Miami with Wade in the backseat, I'm positive that his motivation coupled with fact that he's relatively injury free will aid in him returning to his past form.

Hayley Byrnes (@HayloHaylz): My inclination is to say Chris Bosh, but it could be Wade, dependant on how important his bounce back is.

Kevin Kraczkowski (@yxnarbob): If you're saying Dwyane Wade, I'd have you take a look at his recent remarks about how much he disliked his special "program." That program was the only thing that kept him fresh through the year. Without it, Wade will likely burn out instead of fading away. Through process of elimination, I'd say Chris Bosh leads the team in points, rebounds, and blocked shots and proves himself the most versatile Heat.

Darryl Lee Sang (@DarrylLeeSang): I'm going with Chris Bosh. He's taken a back seat for the past four seasons and has received quite a bit of criticism about his game for the better of the team. Now he's the leading man and has plenty of motivation to prove his worth to the naysayers.

Earnest Christian (@EJChristian7): Chris Bosh is the heavy favorite here especially being the most durable. While I will encourage Heat fans to pause on the whole "return to Toronto Bosh" narratives, I think fans will be pleased to see the expanded role of a guy who was the "3rd wheel" behind one of the better trios in NBA history.

2. Who will be this season's "breakout" player?

David: This might be more optimism at this point but I think Mario Chalmers still has a corner to turn. Maybe labeling it a "breakout" season is going too far, but he can prove that he'll run the point now with What's-His-Name gone and he needs to bounce back from a rough postseason.

Matt: I really believe Danny Granger has something to prove here. I think he could be primed for a very important role. That role, in it's peak would see Granger scoring 9 PPG and a huge help to the Heat's bench.

Azam: I'm gonna go with Josh McRoberts. While last season was sort of a breakout for him as is, it baffles me that someone with his set of offensive skills never quite had the raw production to match. He's an unselfish player, but he should average double digit points if he's starting.

Jordan: Dare we hint that Dwyane Wade has a potential "Breakout" season in him? Coming off a season on the "Spogram", he has hinted an interest in playing in most games.  I think Wade shows some of his old self and has a nice bounceback year.

Brandon: I really like James Ennis, from what I've seen in preseason I think he could be a huge X-Factor for Miami, even though Riley is not a huge fan of rookies. He's explosive, athletic and might be our new "King James."

Hayley: James Ennis. you could say Norris Cole, but my instinct is Ennis.

Kevin: Luol Deng. OK, clearly, he "broke out" for the Bulls in 2006/7, and has hovered just above the NBA's average PER ever since (around 16). What makes me think he has room for growth? Well, he's stepping into this team and taking over a position that was held by the best player in the world. I think he's going to benefit to the tune of 20 points and eight rebounds per game.

Darryl: James Ennis. It's been fun watching him in the summer league and preseason so far. There's so much upside to him as his game evolves in the NBA.

Earnest: Something tells me Josh McRoberts, even as improved as he was in his stint at Charlotte, will make a name for himself in Miami as not only a tough guy but also fully faceted basketball player. Keep a close eye on McBob's contributions this coming season.

3. What's your best guess to Miami's overall record?

David: 47-35
Matt: 46-36
Azam: 49-33
Jordan: 48-34
Brandon: 49-33
Hayley: 48-34
Kevin: 38-44
Darryl: 48-34
Earnest: 47-35

4. What will be Miami's overall place in the standings at the end of the regular season, both in the Southeast Division and in the Eastern Conference?

David: 1st in the Southeast and 3rd in the East (behind CLE & CHI)
Matt: 2nd in the Southeast (behind WAS) and 4th in the East (behind CLE, CHI, & WAS)
Azam: 2nd in the Southeast (behind CHA) and 4th in the East (behind CLE, CHI, & CHA)
Jordan: 2nd in Southeast (behind WAS) 5th in the East (behind CLE, CHI, TOR, & WAS)
Brandon: 1st in Southeast and 3rd in the East (behind CLE & CHI)
Hayley: 2nd in Southeast and 3rd in the East
Kevin: 3rd in Southeast (behind WAS & CHA) and 8th in the East
Darryl: 1st in Southeast and 3rd in the East (behind CHI & CLE)
Earnest: 1st in Southeast and 4th in the East

5. If they make it, how far does Miami advance in the playoffs?

David: I think they can get past a lower-rung team in the East during the 1st round, just with their talent alone. A semi-final matchup could be tricky depending on who they face; going up against Cleveland and their relative inexperience could be the edge Miami needs to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Matt: I think the Heat will win in the first round, but depending on who they play in the second round, that could be it. I think they can beat Chicago in a playoff series, but I doubt they would get past Cleveland. I think a second round exit is likely.

Azam: I feel like Miami matches up well with the East, but realistically project a second round exit. If everything breaks right, they can win the East, but I think potential injuries are too big a red flag.

Jordan: Depending on seeding, this Heat team has the potential and the talent to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Brandon: It all depends on health, if our core stays healthy we have the potential to make a run similar to that of the Phoenix Suns in 2006 and make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Hayley: A second round exit. Sometimes I feel they'll get through to the ECF. Ask me tomorrow.

Kevin: Miami has a first round date with none other than Love, LeBron, and Kyrie. I don't think Miami has any conceivable edge over Cleveland, and will be lucky to squeeze one game out of five. First round exit.

Darryl: I think a second round exit is the most realistic scenario for this team.

Earnest: Everything comes down to match-ups once April arrives so a second round exit might be the most realistic. However I will say if this team is healthy and draw favorable match-ups in the postseason, an Eastern Conference berth may not be so far fetched either.

6. Give one bold prediction for this season:

David: Bosh will win (or at least be in the running) for the league MVP. His versatility will be on display all season, Miami isn't expected to really contend and this team will be seen as an over-achieving sleeper based on his production (24 PPG, 11 RPG). And a few "Big-Shot Bosh" highlights will put him in voters' minds around March and April.

Matt: Chris Andersen extends his range to the three-point line. He won't have the green light from deep, but when he's open from the top of the key, he's going to take it and shoot 36% for the season.

Azam: Luol Deng will make his 3rd All-Star team.

Jordan: Rookie James Ennis will have a huge impact on the Heat. He will use his experience in the Australian league to be very effective. Ennis will be in the conversation for Rookie of the Year.

Brandon: Danny Granger will be in the running for Sixth Man of the Year.

Hayley: Wade establishes himself as a top 10 player.

Kevin: Shabazz Napier supplants Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers on the depth chart. Subsequently, he keeps his assists/turnover rate to a respectable 2.5 or less.

Darryl: Shabazz moves up on the depth chart over Chalmers or Cole. Wait, that's not bold enough... "I personally guarantee that the Miami Heat will win another NBA Championship before the self-titled former 'King' wins one," you can take that to the bank (Click HERE for his bank account info).

Earnest: Dwyane Wade plays over 70 games this season.

7. Predict the Heat's leading scorer and by how much:

David: Chris Bosh at 23.5 PPG
Matt: Chris Bosh at 22.8 PPG
Azam: Chris Bosh at 21.7 PPG
Jordan: Chris Bosh at 24.1
Brandon: Chris Bosh at 22 PPG
Hayley: Chris Bosh at 23 PPG
Kevin: Chris Bosh at 23 PPG
Darryl: Chris Bosh at 22 PPG
Earnest: Chris Bosh at 21.5 PPG

9. League Predictions for NBA MVP, MIP, 6th Man, DPOY, ROY, and COY:

David: Kevin Durant (MVP), Jeremy Lin (MIP), Taj Gibson (6th), Roy Hibbert (DPOY), Jabari Parker (ROY), Stan Van Gundy, Detroit (COY)

Matt: LeBron James (MVP), Lance Stephenson (MIP), Taj Gibson (6th), Dwight Howard (DPOY), Jabari Parker (ROY), Steve Clifford, Charlotte (COY)

Azam: LeBron James (MVP), George Hill (MIP), Isaiah Thomas (6th), Serge Ibaka (DPOY), Jabari Parker (ROY), Erik Spoelstra (COY)

Jordan: LeBron James (MVP), Jeff Teague (MIP), Taj Gibson (6th), Dwight Howard (DPOY), Andrew Wiggins (ROY), David Blatt (COY)

Brandon: Kevin Durant (MVP), Lance Stephenson (MIP), Isaiah Thomas (6th man) Joakim Noah (DPOY) Andrew Wiggins (ROY), Byron Scott (COY)

Hayley: LeBron James (MVP), Anthony Davis (MIP), Taj Gibson (6th), Joakim Noah (DPOY), Andrew Wiggins (ROY), Doc Rivers (COY)

Kevin: LeBron James (MVP), Jonas Valanciunas (MIP), Taj Gibson (6th), DeAndre Jordan (DPOY), Nerlens Noel (ROY), David Blatt (COY)

Darryl: LeBron James (MVP), Lance Stephenson (MIP), Lou Williams (6th), Joakim Noah (DPOY), Andrew Wiggins (ROY), David Blatt (COY)

Earnest: LeBron James (MVP), Lance Stephenson (MIP), Jamal Crawford (6th), DeAndre Jordan (DPOY), Andrew Wiggins (ROY), Doc Rivers (COY)

Tell us your predictions!