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LeBron denies he was setting a screen on his own Cavs teammate vs Heat

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LeBron finally comments on the screen he (allegedly) set for his old team.

Buda Mendes

Since it's Thursday, it felt appropriate to bring up a throwback moment. Remember that time LeBron James supposedly set a screen for Norris Cole even though Cole wasn't on his team? Here's video in case you have no idea what I'm talking about:

It became something to laugh at for a weekend, but LeBron has now commented on the incident via ESPN saying:

"For non-basketball people, our coverage is for me to show and for Delly to go under me and we just didn't get the call right at the time. Delly was supposed to slide under me and we kind of ran into each other."

Wait he calls him Delly? Well Delly also agreed.

"My family sent me the link of it," Dellavedova told "He just showed out and I just needed to go under. So, it wasn't really anything."

So there's that. Here's to hoping LeBron sets more screens for the Heat every time we meet. #ScreenGate