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Shop Dwyane Wade's closet for a good cause

Dwyane Wade has opened up his closet and is selling his clothes for charity. Do you want to dress like the fashion icon?

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Jeff Schear

Dwyane Wade, the NBA All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist and fashion icon, is ready to part ways with some of his clothing.  But Wade doesn't just take a trip to Good Will.  He has listed his clothing for sale on, a website for "authenticated luxury consignment."  All proceeds are going to Wade's World Foundation.

It's a genius idea, one the Kardashians and others have been doing for some time now, but this is men's fashion and the NBA. This is Miami's favorite son, Dwyane Wade.  These are the fashion forward selections of D Wade and stylist Calyann Barnett that make heads turn and get twitter buzzing with, "Did you see what Wade was wearing?!?"  This is really special.

I have to admit, I heard about this a few days ago but didn't check out the website until today.  Wow, is it ever amazing!!  There is something for everyone.  Well, everyone male, XL or XXL with a shoe size 14 or 15.  We're talking Del Toro florescent yellow patent leather smoking loafers, ponyhair leopard round-toe sneakers, and suede camouflage round-toe wingtip brogue oxfords.  (Why do his shoe descriptions sound like a dish by Chef Rich?)  My personal favorite, the Givenchy light pink slim leg jeans - amazing!  Steer clear of the cream Del Toro suede mid-top moccasin sneakers with fringe (and this coming from an American Indian half breed. They fugly!)

A lot of this stuff has sold already so if you're interested, you need to get over to the website quickly.  What a unique gift for a birthday or for the holidays.  Not sure if the best part is knowing the money is going to charity or that D Wade himself wore this! (Or at least let it sit in his closet until he decided not to wear it. Or is that just a girl thing?)

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