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ReHeat: Another look back at the Heat's win vs Warriors

Quick look back at the Heat vs Warriors from last night.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Yes I know its preseason, but the Heat won against a team that didn't lose before last night. It wasn't just a win, but a foreshadow of what it will take to win games this season.

Here’s my observations from last night:

First. I see this play and think: Stephen Curry would look great in a Heat jersey 2016

Our guards scored some crucial points last night.

Mario Chalmers was once again being tested as a shooting guard and managed to score 13 points in 20 minutes, including a key 3 pointer late when the Heat were down one.

Shabazz Napier continues to get better by the game, adding 14 points of his own, including a 3-pointer about 30 seconds after Mario’s. Napier has had a rough summer league and preseason, but this kid keeps proving he’s made for the 4th quarter. He’s earned the praise of his teammates, and in return steps up when it matters most. You can’t teach clutch, and Napier proved once again that the biggest moments to him are just minutes in the game.

The Heat’s forwards also came up big in this game as well. Chris Bosh had 21 points and 7 rebounds, which seem like a norm at this point, but the guys that made the difference last night, were Luol Deng and Shawne Williams. Deng seems to be finding his groove, and if this production (19points) continues, the team will field a very balanced starting lineup. The biggest surprise of so far has been the play of Shawne Williams, who went 5/5 from 3-point land and ended up with 19 points on the night. This was a guy that was seen as a cast away, and now he has the opportunity to be a starter opening night against the Wizards.

With all these guys stepping up, you obviously noticed the one name that wasn’t there: Dwyane Wade. Remember him? He has had a vigorous off-season, training and posting gym photos but when it comes to his play on the court, I’m continuously reminded of the Dwyane I don’t want to see. Hoping he is able to break out soon or surprise us all soon. No matter what how everyone else does, The Heat need #3.

Spurs tonight at 8:30pm. See you after.