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Dwyane Wade still trying to find his place in new Heat offense

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After growing comfortable in a secondary role with LeBron James for four years, Wade admitted in a recent interview that he's currently struggling to find his role in the new Miami offense.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

During his tenure in Miami, Heat superstar Dwyane Wade has been a part of many different offensive schemes and thrived in each.

Nevertheless, adjusting to these schemes would be a challenge for anybody and Wade -- although elite -- is no different.

After finding a way to co-exist with LeBron James for four years, Wade admitted in an interview with Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel that he's currently struggling to find his role offensively saying:

"I’m still finding my way with this team and this offense," he said, as the Heat prepare to play in their exhibition finale against the Houston Rockets. "So I’m still trying to see where I fit in. I know I can get a shot any time I want, but it’s about the quality of it more so than anything. I’m just playing the game and just seeing."

"This early offense that we started in camp is more so to get our guys to better ball movement," he said. "So now Coach is starting to get to the point where it’s time now to put in a package for C.B. [Bosh] and myself, and it will kind of be what we do for the next week, week and a half."

Of course his role will be defined headed into season play and he will find his shots, nevertheless his quote provides a unique look into the athlete's mind as he's been struggling in preseason.

There's no shortage of motivation for Dwyane Wade this year and there should be no doubt regarding his willingness to contribute and win.