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The case for why Shabazz Napier shouldn't be starting anytime soon

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Napier has been impressive so far in preseason but here's why the Heat need to take the patient approach with their rookie.

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Let’s start with the positives because you already think I’m slamming the best and only pure point guard on our roster.

Shabazz Napier is becoming what every Heat fan wants him to be. He finds ways to be effective when he’s undersized and has an ability to see the floor well. His shot and skills overall have gotten so much better, the word "D League" shouldn't be applied to him anymore.

LeBron James praised him as the draft's best point guard, and you can see why Napier has the potential to be a serious candidate for Rookie of the Year.

The best part of his game is his "it" factor. He comes alive when the game is on the line.

With all that being said, I don’t think he should be their starter.

Before you boo me off my stage and tell me I shouldn't ever write again for HHH, I’ll state why.

I believe as long as Josh McRoberts starts, Napier shouldn't. Last year, McRoberts was only 2nd behind Kevin Love in assists among power forwards. So the Opening Night lineup will be having McRoberts, who in a way is a point guard stuck in a power forward's body. He cuts and finds others well. Outside of McRoberts you have a ball dominating Dwyane Wade and when he doesn't have the ball, Chris Bosh will. So 3/5 of your line-up has the ability to pass shoot and attack.

When fielding that lineup, you can work with a combo guard as your starting point guard. I believe this is why Norris Cole has been starting most of preseason. When Cole isn't being tagged in selfies with D-Wade, he’s been extending his range. Why? Because when Bosh or Wade attacks, Cole along with Luol Deng and McRoberts provide the jumpers and 3’s. Cole works in this lineup better than Napier does.

Reason #2 is about the guys that won’t be starting.

Look who’s coming off the Heat bench. Our Big Boy rotation consists of Chris "Birdman" Anderson, Udonis Haslem and Justin Hamilton, our forwards are Shawne Williams, James Ennis and Danny Granger. Shooting guards include Shannon Brown and Mario Chalmers. The final spot on the roster will belong to either the 2014-15 version of James Jones aka Andre Dawkins, or the athleticism of Tyler Johnson. What’s missing? A point guard. Enter Napier. For that bench to thrive, you need someone to lead them. Napier is the only steady hand to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Napier and Ennis both will be starting one day for the Heat. Even though Napier is the hero #HeatNation wants, he's not what #HeatNation needs right now.

Yes I did finish this post by going Batman on you.