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ReHeat: Heat vs Rockets

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Here's an entertaining, quick look at last night's game in case you missed the final recap. Let's take a look at what you missed.

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FINAL SCORE: Miami Heat 90, Houston Rockets 85.

So last night we got the Dwyane Wade we were hoping to see, packaged with the Chris Bosh we have become used to seeing. The question has never been if they could, but how often they can. If we are able to get that Big 2 performance consistently, the Heat can win 50. Here are some more reflections from the ReHeat.

Shawne Williams will probably be starting come opening night even though Josh McRoberts could be ready. You can’t just throw in a passing power forward into the starting lineup; you have to let him eventually take his place. Luol Deng isn't consistent enough and you can’t have such unreliability from your starting small forward. He scored 2 points against the Hawks, broke out for 19 against the Warriors, but last night only came up with 4 points in 32 minutes against the Rockets. Even though Deng doesn’t enjoy coming off the bench, he might be putting himself there if he continues to have these types of performances. Speaking of forwards Danny Granger is being offered the 6th man role for the team, but he seems to be losing it per game due to the rise of James Ennis. Think about it this way. Ennis was DNP last night and still only had 3 less points than Granger.

We’ll be playing a Big Boy team in Memphis, so hopefully our power and center rotation is ready to play. McRoberts says he’s ready but Coach Spoelstra has been preaching patience. Justin Hamilton also is ready to play and his spacing will be needed against every team that has a menacing front court. As for the guys that did play last night, Bosh was in full attack mode again, and Chris Anderson provided the energy he is known for, with 6 points and 7 rebounds. Does Udonis Haslem have a spot in this rotation?

Norris Cole will be the starting point guard but he must be effective in order to keep the job. It’s 1 thing to have 7 points but only 1 assist? It was great to see Wade be Wade but on the nights that Wade is less than average, it’s important that Cole becomes better than average. Mario Chalmers has been a consistent spark plug for this team, and that is probably due to him coming off the bench with a lineup that needs his offense.

Shannon Brown hasn't worked out that well and I for one wouldn't be surprised if he isn't on the team once the season starts. The reality is that the guy who backs up Wade is the same guy that started beside him last year. Is it a demotion? In a way yes but with more opportunity, comes more value and we all saw Chalmers market value this past offseason. He had the same value as I did. Shabazz Napier hasn’t been a Rookie All-Preseason, but had a rookie game last night, ending up scoreless. Speaking of scoreless, look everyone, Larry Drew II got signed.

Overall last night was a big win, but once again the question stands. Can the Big 2 perform like that on a nightly basis? Next game is Friday at Memphis. See you then. – Binoj