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Miami Heat 2014-15 roster: 15 strong

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What to expect from your Miami Heat this year.

Mike Ehrmann

15 Strong

Preseason is now over, and the final 15 have been set. The only question now is if "Seven Nation Army" will be playing on opening night against the Wizards.

Projected Starters

C – Chris Bosh

PF – Shawne Williams

SF – Luol Deng

SG – Dwyane Wade

PG – Norris Cole


C – Chris Andersen, Justin Hamilton

PF – Josh McRoberts, Udonis Haslem

SF – Danny Granger, James Ennis

SG – Mario Chalmers, Shannon Brown, Andre Dawkins

PG – Shabazz Napier

I look at this roster and I see 45 wins, a 4th seed in the playoffs with a passionate 7 game series in the first round followed by a 5 game exit in the 2nd round at the hands of LeBron James. At best case scenario, the Heat don’t get hit with the injury bug at all this year and instead find the fountain of youth for both Wade and Bosh. The team ends up becoming the 3rd seed and experiences a 2nd round exit against the Bulls in a phenomenal 7 game series. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but the goals for the Heat for the next 2 seasons are to be an attractive destination to 2016 Free Agents. The best message to those agents would be how great we’ve become without them, and how having them on our team will bring the Heat their 4th NBA Title.

Patience will be needed this year because you won’t have a 6'8 250 lb emergency button to bail everyone out. Many times during this season, we’ll realize that. What this team WILL give us all is a hard-fought battle nightly. There won’t be any easy games this year where our players can coast through, because every game will require the best. This will be the roster the Heat have until that 2016 Free Agency, and 45 wins seems to be the right amount of victories. 15 strong with #HeatNation right behind.