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21 burning questions as the Miami Heat begin the new 2014-15 season

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The following is not too be taken too seriously.

Mike Ehrmann

With the new Miami Heat season being one day away, I figured it was time to ask some serious and not so serious questions. You can leave your answers to some or all of them below in the comments section.


1) Do you want "Seven Nation Army" to be the opening song again this year or was that a phase that ended when LeBron James left?

2) One of the best times to be at the AmericanAirlines Arena is when the organization holds Dance Team auditions. True or Yes?

3) Who will say their catchphrase more? Tony Fiorentino saying "yes baby!!" or Eric Reid saying "kaboom"?

4) When LeBron comes in on Christmas, are you booing or cheering when his name is announced by Mike Baiamonte?

5) Before LeBron took his talents to South Beach, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade became the Dynamic Duo for about four minutes. Now they're four years older. Can they still be the Dynamic Duo that Miami needs?

6) Will any Heat player win any award this season? if so, who wins what?

7) Can the Heat beat the Wizards for the division title?

8) Will Uptown Dale ever wear the same outfit twice this year?

9) If I tell you Shabazz Napier and James Ennis will both be in the starting lineup at one point this year, are you happy because they're that good or are you freaking out because the Heat became that bad?

10) Time to use your imagination. The play that will be the most memorable this Heat season will be who doing what against which team?

11) Pick one result: two playoff runs with second round exits till 2016, or two lottery seasons till 2016?

12) What is the over/under on technicals for Udonis Haslem this year?

13) Chris Andersen's next tattoo should be of Waldo. Agree or disagree?

14) Will Andre Dawkins get to shoot 10 3-pointers this upcoming season?

15) If Josh McRoberts gets into a physical shoving match, how many of us are thinking "What will Jesus do?"

16) Is Shannon Brown related to Chris Brown? If he tells you no, do you believe him?

17) Will Justin Hamilton ever go "Ham" at any point this year, or will he be Michael Doleac with a 3-point shot?

18) Who will hit more 3's this year: Shawne Williams or Danny Granger?

19) What is the most likely to happen from these three scenarios? 1) Luol Deng accidentally passing it to Derrick Rose, 2) Granger accidentally passing it to Roy Hibbert, or 3) LeBron passing it to Wade?

20) Who yells at Mario Chalmers more this year? Bosh, Wade, or the entire arena?

21) How many times will Pat Riley and Coach Erik Spoelstra use the word #HeatLifer & #HeatNation this year? How many times will you use it?