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Man pleads guilty in fraud of 3 ex-Heat players

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Haider Zafar introduced himself to Heat players as a member of a wealthy Pakistani family as part of his scam.

Mike Ehrmann

Haider Zafar pleaded guilty to five counts of wire fraud for stealing a total of $7.5 million from former Miami Heat players Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis and James Jones.

While riding around Miami in expensive cars in 2012, Zafar introduced himself to others as a member of a wealthy Pakistani family. He met with Miller and offered to pay him $25 million to distribute his energy drink, Let It Fly, in Pakistan, Dubai and London and $10 million for a stake in Miller's clothing company. He told Lewis and Jones that he had other lucrative business opportunities. The three former Heat players paid Zafar a total of $7.5 million, and prosecutors say that he did not invest the money but instead bought a $1 million, three-year Heat season ticket package.

Hot Hot Hoops previously reported on Zafar's arrest last year. For everyone involved, including people with the Heat, it is surely a welcome resolution to this unsettling story.