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ReHeat: A second look at the Heat's season opener vs Wizards

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Welcome to the best way to get rid of that 2 PM feeling. The ReHeat is a quick entertaining look at the game you may have missed the night before. Here’s game 1 of 82.

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While we were all sleeping, Shawne Williams attempted 17 more 3's and missed all of them. Then his last attempt hit your head instead of anywhere near the rim and you woke up with a Shawne Williams headache.

In all seriousness, I'm rooting for this guy because he can become a fantastic redemption story, but the truth is you got to produce when you're on the floor. The Shawne I saw last night was the one that got waived by the Los Angeles Lakers while they were tanking last year. Coach Erik Spoelstra would have likely subbed in Danny Granger if he was available.

Chris Bosh proved last night he can be the #1 option on the floor. I never doubted him but my question is if he can be consistent enough. Keep in mind last night was against a team without Nene on the floor. 26 and 15 is great and we should be in great shape if he can continue this type of volume production.

Dwyane Wade started off a bit slow and all of a sudden didn't go anywhere due to a calf injury. He was able to come back later on and in the fourth quarter, he became what we all knew him to be, finishing the night with 21 points. Luol Deng may be a step slower, but he can still provide an offensive boost when needed, adding 12 points of his own.

A guy named James led the Miami Heat into the SC "Top10". Sound familiar? It was just a memory until the menace named Ennis reminded everyone who the new James is. Shabazz Napier had a very limited stat line (2 points, 2 assists, and 3 rebounds) but showed again that this offense isn't too much for him. Both of these guys have potential to be great but both of them need to more assertive on the floor.

Coach Spo proved that starting Norris Cole was a right move. When the offense has changed as much as it has from last year, it doesn't hurt to add more offense. Cole became a scoring point guard (23 points) and not a distributing one (only 2 assists) but on this night his offense was much needed and he provided defense on the Wizards' best scoring option in John Wall. Mario Chalmers on the other hand is still consistently inconsistent. One play he makes a big shot, and that's followed by some mistake. I continue to hope this love-hate relationship is salvageable. Birdman was Birdman, providing 7 points and 6 rebounds.

This sentence is dedicated to Josh McRoberts. We're waiting for you.

Going 9-for-28 from three-point land is never good for a team that needs space, but 20-23 free throws is excellent for a team that will need points. The team creates offense from defense, and 32/44 rebounds on the defensive glass proved it. If you're sad as I am about only 12 fast break points, wait till you see the Cleveland Cavaliers game tonight.

The bottom line is this team that can't afford production from just the Big 2. When LeBron James was here this team initially was known as the Big 3 and 12 nobodies. Now in order for the Big 2 to be affective, we need sizable production from the other 13. Next game is against the #1 pick of the 2015 draft, aka the Philadelphia 76ers. See you then.

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