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Bosh on LeBron: We haven't spoken since Decision

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As we lead up to the first encounter with LeBron James since Decision II, Chris Bosh weighed in on his "friendship" with his former superstar teammate.

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I'm honestly not going to read much into this because honestly sometimes there are blurred lines between fantasy and reality, even in sports. Chris Bosh, by committing to the Miami Heat for the next five years and thus the centerpiece of this next era of Heat basketball has assumed all leadership responsibility and from my eyes he has not failed at the very job.

Case in point: Whether you buy into preseason narratives or not, many NBA fans are interested in the first showdown with former teammate LeBron James in this coming Saturday's Heat/Cavaliers showdown from Brazil in support of the NBA Global Games. Bosh was asked about his current relationship with the 4 time MVP.


Asked by reporters if he had talked to his former teammate since James' decision to leave the Heat, Bosh answered a succinct, 'No.'

As to whether he was looking forward to seeing James on Saturday at the game in Rio de Janeiro, he replied with a lukewarm: 'Yeah ... I don't know.'

'I'm in the mode where I'm trying to lead my team, help these guys out around here,' he said.

'If guys aren't in this locker room I don't have much time for them—if any.'

Whether or not in reality Bosh and James friendship is on shaky ground since the Free Agency summer frenzy of 2014, one thing is clear, Chris Bosh, who's is as candid an athlete there is in sports today is as focused as ever to continue to keep his Miami Heat basketball team a championship contender moving forward. Heat Nation as a whole should feel very encouraged by his comments and his state of mind.

The Heat play the Cavaliers Saturday at 5:00 PM on ESPNNEWS.