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The ReHeat: Miami Heat @ Dallas Mavericks

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An entertaining look at the Heat's win in Dallas which included 31 assists from Miami.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Isn't it funny how the Miami Heat lost to the San Antonio Spurs, only to become the Spurs now? Easily the best game of the season. Time for some quick observations.

Even though the Heat didn't hit a 3 untill halfway through the 1st quarter, the ball was in consistent movement; as a result, first quarter ended with an 11-0 run and at the half the team had 24 FG's and 19 assists. The Heat's most vulnerable area continues to be in the paint. Tyson Chandler had 3 dunks in the first half, and may have passed out due to consistent roaring on both sides of the floor. When he was revived and able to play, he ended up being one of the few effective players on the floor for the Mavericks. As much as I don't like Dirk, that three is really pure to look at. Chandler Parsons on the other hand, could have built a brick house tonight.

The NBA replay center is proving to be one of the worst decisions in recent memory. After Tyson Chandler got into a scuffle with Mario Chalmers, every Heat player could have taken a bathroom break individually. Speaking of NBA Replay, can someone find Norris Cole? His body is there but his game went missing.

When Luol Deng puts the ball on the floor in rhythm, he becomes lethal. At first he was actively cutting getting easy baskets and as the game went on his three started to fall as well. I've constantly said the Heat have a Big 2 and everyone else, but on nights like this, Deng is making the case to be the 3rd leader. He ended the night with 30 points in 37 minutes.

Chris Bosh: Is there anything that surprises you anymore about Chris? He's had 4 double doubles and at least 20 points in the 1st 7 games. He ended the night with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

Dwyane Wade scored his first bucket only halfway through the 1st quarter, but once again he became a facilitator on the floor. Recently Wade has been passing first and attacking later. This game was no different as he ended the half with 7 assists and ended the night with 20 points and 10 assists. Always worth smiling about.

Mario Chalmers - This was a night where you appreciated Mario. In the 1st half, he had 4-4 on the floor, and 2-2 from three-point land. In the the 2nd half, the perfection continued, only missing his first shot with about 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Chalmers continued to be the spark plug for this team, adding 18 points of his own.

Josh McRoberts' vision on the floor is incredible. He helped assist on 15/20 field goals for the team at one point! He sees plays on the floor before it happens. Anyone want to call him McLebron? He may have just had 4 points and 7 rebounds but the way he dissected the Mavs defense was entertaining. Drake agrees

This team has been incredibly fun to watch on both ends of the floor. This was a Dallas team that produced the 2nd highest offense in the league, yet it was the Heat shooting 55% and 31 assists. Yes Lebron isn't here so the dunks and SC Top 10 highlight plays are missing, but if you're a fan of crisp ball movement, this is your team. Heat win 105-96 against a team they haven't lost to since 2011.

Next game vs Indiana on Wednesday. See you then!