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Dwyane Wade will miss first game of the season tonight vs Hawks

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Wade's injury troubles will unfortunately keep his sidelined tonight against the Atlanta Hawks with a strained hamstring.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Wade's injury ridden past is catching up with him once again as he has decided to sit out tonight's game with a nagging hamstring.

However, Heat fans shouldn't fear that this will be a recurring issue or even something to be worried about down the line, especially because the injury doesn't seem severe. Wade strained his hamstring against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday after fighting through three back-to-back sets of games. This comes as surprising news to many, as Wade has been playing extremely well to start the season and relatively healthy.

Wade explained to Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel when he suffered the injury, and how he will deal with it in the near future saying:

"For me, obviously I want to play as many games as possible. As I said before, you can't control certain things. I've had worse. I'll be back out there soon enough. Just when I come back, I want to be able to play the way I was playing the way before, and not hampered like I was the other night."

Commenting on the second play of the Pacer's game where he hurt his hamstring:

"I sprinted to get the layup and just strained my hamstring/ Obviously, I could play through stuff, so I played through it, finished the game, obviously. But, yeah, second play of the game."

Wade went on the explain that his teamamtes were not even aware he wouldn't be participating tonight explaining:

"My teammates didn't even know. Like today, they asked me like, 'What's wrong?'

Heat fans should take this "injury" with a grain of salt, and be thankful that Wade isn't drawing attention to his ailing knees where there appears to be no problem.

Wade is doing the responsible thing sitting out tonight vs a struggling Atlanta Hawks team, and hopefully will be back to full strength next week.