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The ReHeat: Heat lose big to Hawks

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A second look at the Heat vs Hawks game.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

When the Miami Heat play sloppy, they lose to the Indiana Pacers who have Chris Copeland as their leading scorer. So imagine how much the Heat would struggle when 1 of its 2 stars are absent. Now not only take out that star, but also take out the offense-changing Josh McRoberts and what you're left with is a team that you didn't feel good about before tip off against a foe in its own division.

Yet the Heat weren't struggling on the offensive end as much as I would expect but instead the struggle was on defense. The Atlanta Hawks used the method the Heat use (consistent ball movement) to burn out the Heat. There was a claw your way comeback towards the end but the Heat fell short and in the bigger pitcture, ended up 5-4 for the season after starting 3-0.

Time to look at a few players.

Dwyane Wade - Inactive and very needed. You just have to take the games he's not there and look at the bright side and hope it's not an injury that carries on throughout the season.

Chris Bosh - He went from the Big man leading this surprise team, to a big man getting his points on a bad team. When Wade goes down, and your FG effectiveness is only 37%, you aren't going to win many. Good job good effort though with 20 points and 8 boards.

Shawne Williams - The more Williams plays, the more you expect Josh McRoberts to not be starting. McRoberts is a great floor general but the way Shawne Williams can space a floor, isn't worth benching. The redemption story continues as Williams ended the night with 21 points and 5/6 from 3 point land.

Luol Deng - What I've noticed in the past 2 losses with Deng is that he is at his best only when his teammates are at their best. If you concentrate on him as an option, he isn't as effective. Sure he ended up with 19 points of his own but he becomes effective only when the ball is moving and you aren't focused on him.

Mario Chalmers - You would think that it would be Mario that gets the nod in terms of starting and maybe Coach Erik Spoelstra will actually go with him as the starting shooting guard next game, but Mario is clearly comfortable in his role as sixth man and Spo didn't want to change the structure. It's as if when Mario is on the floor he see's the game as his to take, ending with 23 points and 11 assists, continuously attacking without the worry of a LeBron James scream.

James Ennis - Everyone is rooting for this guy to do well, and he was given a shot to start but once again proved the fact that all Heat fans know. The guy is athletic and can do well when the floor is open. Outside of that? Not so much.

Shannon Brown: lol

The Milwaukee Bucks come to town on Sunday and even though their record is 4-5, if there is anything the Heat have learned so far this season, is that a win will never come easy. Just ask the Pacers. Sunday at 6pm, Bucks at Heat. See you then.