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ReHeat: Looking back at Heat's disappointing loss to Bucks

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About last night...

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No matter what the stats and story lines are, that's the only number that matters right? The Miami Heat have reached a number we haven't seen in just about forever: .500. How long has it been since the Miami Dolphins were the team that made us the happiest? I mean how brutal has the last 48 hours been for the Miami sports fan base?

First the Miami Hurricanes and now this. The Heat led by 12 at the half, and this was suppposed to be a bounce back game. Instead the team just got bounced. Still too early to panic but considering how the well the Wizards are doing (7-2) the Division banner might not be attained this year. Miami guy Brandon Knight hit three late 3-pointers and he finally knows how it feels to win in Miami. Let's look at some players:

Chris Bosh: Terrible time to have a slump. Not having Dwyane Wade is already challenging but adding this version of Bosh is making it impossible to win. 17 shots attempted for 10 points, complimented by only 5 rebounds. In the past 3 losses he has averaged 13 points on 16 shots, and 5 rebounds a game. Your primary player can't have role player numbers. All Bosh can do is keep attacking and hope his game comes back to him.

Shawne Williams: Is it ever a good thing if Williams is your 2nd leading scorer on any night? Put up some great numbers though and continues to hit the 3. Also had 9 rebounds on the defensive end tonight. Ended the night with 13 points and 11 rebounds.

Mario Chalmers: Got the start in place of Dwyane and answered with 18 points. With that production he'll probably start again tomorrow night.

Shabazz Napier and James Ennis: The youth movement continues for the Heat, probably because Coach Spoelstra has no other choice. The duo ended up with 19 points together including a back to back possession in which each of them hit a 3. You know....hopefully how the Heat future looks like.

Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger: Any day now guys.

Shannon Brown: Tyler Johnson was better.

It certainly doesn't get any easier for the Heat, having to play at Brooklyin tomorrow. You know what's worse than .500? One game below it. See you then...

- @MyNameIsBinoj