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This week in Heat Basketball

Last week was one to forget, here's what to expect this week from the Heat, the NBA, and FanDuel.

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Kevin C. Cox

After dropping three straight games, two to under .500 teams at home, the Heat begin a week where they need to do some damage control. Now, at 5-5, the Heat are right in the middle, of the pack when it comes to seeding, and they better get healthy and their offense together soon.

Let's take a look at what the week has to hold for Miami and how you can be a part of it.

Miami @ Brooklyn

DETAILS: Monday @ 7:30 PM EST

The Nets are struggling about just as bad as the Heat are. They are 4-5 and losers of three straight out west. The Nets last played Saturday night while Miami is again on the back side of a back-to-back. Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett, and Brook Lopez still make up the familiar faces for the Nets, who aren't particularly good at anything special. They rank in the bottom half in defense, rebounds and assists.

The one thing I would keep an eye out for here is that this seems like a difficult match-up for Mario Chalmers to play extended amount of time at shooting guard. If Dwyane Wade sits again, Chalmers will have to check Joe Johnson, and I don't see that turning out very well for Chalmers.

Heat FanDuel Advice:
Given the last few games and Kevin Garnett's mind games, I would stay away from Chris Bosh. He could have a bounce back game, but likely his numbers won't be impressive. He's going to have Garnett, Lopez or Mason Plumlee on him all night. I don't like any particular match-ups for the Heat, but I would be interested in Joe Johnson if Dwyane Wade sits.

L.A. Clippers @ Miami

DETAILS: Thursday @ 8:00 PM EST

The Heat will get a couple days rest before their national TV match-up with the Clippers, while L.A. will be on the wrong end of a back-to-back after coming from Orlando the night before. The Clippers haven't been impressive so far this season, just settling in the mix. They'll play Chicago on Monday.

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are always a task to handle. But one thing goes in the Heat's favor here, the Clippers are a bad rebounding team as well. Miami should compete, and probably even win the battle of the boards. The question becomes if L.A. gets hot. With Jamal Crawford (known Heat killer) and J.J. Redick get going, it could be a long night.

Heat FanDuel Advice:
Shawne Williams will be a low-cost big time contributor in this one. Blake Griffin and Glen Davis will be checking him and they don't impressive defensive scouts, they also can get lost ball watching. Williams should have a couple triples. I also like Luol Deng. I think he will have a solid night slashing past Crawford and Redick. Matt Barnes is the only one who will cause any problems for Deng.

Miami @ Orlando

DETAILS: Saturday @ 7:00 PM EST

The Magic are under .500 and just lost their 4th overall pick Aaron Gordon indefinitely. The Magic will play in Charlotte the night before hosting the Heat. The Magic have the pieces to cause problems for the Heat even if they aren't an intimidating opponent.

With Nikola Vucevic manning the middle and Channing Frye stretching the floor, they have a solid combo going on there. Victor Oladipo is playing well and will give Wade and Chalmers a handful. The Magic are in the middle of the pack in everything except scoring. So expect an all-around tough game from them at home.

Heat FanDuel Advice:
First, I would bet Vucevic feasts on the Heat bigs, I would take him at the right price. For the Heat, I like Bosh to have a bounce back game here. I think He can stretch Vucevic out, and no one on Orlando can guard him. Look for Bosh to have a good shooting night!

Charlotte @ Miami

DETAILS: Sunday @ 6:00 PM EST

The Hornets already got the Heat once this season, now it's Miami's turn for revenge in South Florida. The Hornets have the pieces to beat the Heat and they will if Miami doesn't contain Al Jefferson. Miami will be on a back-to-back while Charlotte will have one day of rest before traveling.

Miami will have to adjust from their last play against the Hornets, and hopefully by this team the Heat will be healthier with access to Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger.

Heat FanDuel Advice:
Al Jefferson is likely a good play against the Heat, but for Miami I like Mario Chalmers. I think he will have a quietly good game for the Heat and he is usually a cheap buy in the $4,700 range.


Disclosure: Remember, even though FanDuel sponsors this post, all the opinions and insights are my own. FanDuel has given me a little bit of money to start playing already.

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