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The ReHeat: Heat outlast Hornets in wild finish

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A second look at Sunday night's close game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So how good will the Miami Heat be when they are completely healthy? Because this team effort is a great sight to see, but it makes me wonder all the more of what this roster will look like in full health. The Heat and the Charlotte Hornets exchanged blows last night and Miami ended up walking away victorious. Sure it got ugly at some points, but the Heat walked with away with a W.

Now let's look at some players.

Luol Deng [26 points, 8 rebounds]

Biggest game since..well..since his last biggest game. The guy is cutting and shooting and he was able to put the ball down on the floor and drive it when needed. 19 of this 26 points came in the 1st half so you can tell just from that how aggressive he was.

Chris Bosh [20 points, 10 rebounds]

Oh he's definitely not in that shooting funk anymore. The offense ran through him continuously and at the end he became Kobe. It would of been awesome if he actually yelled "Kobe" at the end of this game winning shot though.

Mario Chalmers [20 points 10 assists]

This is the complete package that is known as Mario Chalmers. He was able to get that double-double but unfortunately almost cost the game because of a late turnover. In order to embrace Mario, you must love him for his flaws. I now sound like Dr. Phil don't I?

Shabazz Napier [14 Points]

Well this man certainly embraces the big moment doesn't he? On one end its his clutch shot and on the other end, he provides stellar defense on Kemba Walker. I'm sure this was what UConn practices looked like back in the day right?

Chris Andersen

The Bird has gone down. He's 36 too, so this might be a while till he comes back. So with that being said, who did we just sign?

Hassan Whiteside - 7'0. 236 lbs.

Here's a video of him. He could definitely help out on our interior everything.