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This week in Heat basketball

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, the Heat only play two games this week. But here's what's ahead and some FanDuel advice.

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It's a pretty simple week for the Heat with a nice long Thanksgiving break. But here's what's on tap and some things to keep in mind as you play FanDuel with us this week!

Golden State @ Miami

DETAILS: Tuesday @ 7:30 PM EST

The Warriors are coming off a Sunday win in Oklahoma City against the Thunder, but it cost them a few injuries, including David Lee. Golden State is off to a hot start and is 10-2 on the season. So far this season, they are 3rd in points, 1st in assists, 5th in rebounds and 10th in points allowed -- basically they are playing really really well. Steph Curry leads the team with 22.6 PPG.

If there is anything of a positive note, this is a game that Chris Bosh could be very effective in again. The rest of the Heat roster might struggle against their counterpart, but Bosh should have the advantage offensively. I would look for him to try to take command for the Heat.

Heat FanDuel Advice:
On the other side of the ball, I would look into Steph Curry as a play here especially if Norris Cole is still out. Curry will give Napier a headache and Chalmers struggles against quick guards. Steph should have a solid game. Everyone else will have tough matchups for the Heat. The only bargain I see would be Shawne Williams stretching the floor.

Miami @ New York

DETAILS: Sunday @ 7:30 PM EST

The Knicks are struggling this season. With a new head coach, and a team that doesn't have enough pieces to score effectively. They are in the bottom five in scoring, and 28th in rebounds. So the Heat should be able to be competitive on the glass. Luol Deng will have his hands full guarding Carmelo Anthony, but other than that the matchups are favorable for MIami. The Knicks are 4-10 as of today.

Anytime you play in the Garden, it's going to be special. This is by no means an easy win, but these are the types of games you have to pull out to be a good team. Dwyane Wade should be back playing for the Heat by then.

Heat FanDuel Advice:
He's been playing good so far, this should be a good game for Mario Chalmers. The Knicks have some wing defenders, but I think Mario is just crafty enough to score big in this game. I wouldn't touch any New York Knick players in this game, you just don't know what to expect.


Disclosure: Remember, even though FanDuel sponsors this post, all the opinions and insights are my own. FanDuel has given me a little bit of money to start playing already.

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The Best night to play this week: Wednesday, November 26. 26 of the 30 NBA teams will be in action that night, but unfortunately not the Heat.

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