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Dwyane Wade hopeful to return vs Knicks

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Dwyane Wade has missed the last seven games for the Miami Heat, but is hopeful to return against the Knicks.

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He started out the season great, playing the first 8 games including back-to-backs. But now, Dwyane Wade has missed the last seven games for the Miami Heat due to hamstring injury. Most of the updates have been something like, "taking it easy," or "being smart with this."

But now, Wade has offered some hope that he could play on Sunday night against the New York Knicks.

Wade said on Saturday that he will hopefully be ready to play on Sunday vs the Knicks. Obviously, Spoelstra and the Heat aren't giving a definitive answer and will still be cautious with it. The truth is that Wade has missed a lot of time and after an extended Thanksgiving break, should be ready to go on Sunday.

Wade practiced hard on Saturday and his status will become more clear later today after the team completes shoot around at Madison Square Garden.

The Heat and Knicks play at 7:30 PM EST.

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