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ReHeat: Looking back at the Heat's loss to Rockets

A very short and quick look at the game the Heat lost Tuesday night against the Rockets.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So this is what losing feels like. You knew this was coming. The harsh reality that Miami can't beat teams that are better than them. Sure we can fight with all of our heart and come close but sometimes you just have to accept when a team is better. I know this must be a terrible way to prepare for it but don't worry we'll find something good as this article goes on.

Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng were both limping at one point. Could be in game afflictions, but as a fan I'm worried because of how early it is in the year. Wade ended the night with 19 points but he started to go into hero ball mode, trying to will the team into victory and the sad truth is, he isn't capable of doing that at this stage anymore.

This team needs to out work the opponent by becoming the East version of the San Antonio Spurs. Relying on one player to bail you out is an old habit and if it isn't broken, the losses will mount. Shawne Williams seems to be inspired to have a great season, and the way he can space the floor works wonders for this team. The team runs most of the 24 second shot clock by swinging the ball around and it's good to know if the ball ends up in his hands, he can nail the shot. Josh McRoberts showed last night he needs to have chemistry with this team in order to be a valuable asset, ending up with more fouls (4) than points (0).

Chris Bosh was once again their best player with 21 points and 8 rebounds but can he keep it consistent when the losses start to come is the question.

Norris Cole ended the night with 0 points but I believe that that was mostly due to the defense of Patrick Beverly. Beverly loves guarding the opposing guards (see Russell Westbook) and shut down Cole last night. Seeing Justin Hamilton on the floor is great but Hamilton on Dwight Howard became 4 on 6 on the defensive end. Yes he can drag his big men out when his 3 point shot is on point, but rotation wise Hamilton proved to be a liability last night. James Ennis and Shabazz Napier both had growing pains last night (5 points in total for both of them combined) but have to continue to be assertive. It's no secret the Heat need the play of everyone involved in order to win. The one highlight was Mario Chalmers with 12 spark plug points but his 5 turnovers almost negated the production.

Last night was a night we needed a 36-year-old Chris Andersen and a 34-year-old Udonis Haslem more than a 24-year-old Hamilton. We needed a 31-year-old Danny Granger more than a 24-year-old Ennis. If this was the East, the Rockets would be top seed. Unfortunately for them, they're stuck in the West and they'll be one of the lower seeds when it's all said and done.