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The ReHeat: Heat vs T-Wolves

A second look at the Heat vs Timberwolves tonight

Pat Riley once said beating a bad team isn't winning, but professionalism. Tonight was just that, as the Heat took care of a Timberwolves team that lacked direction due to the absence of Ricky Rubio. How short handed was Minnesota tonight? well they had to start two 19 year olds in their starting lineup. I also found out tonight that Mo Williams and Ronny Turiaf are still in the league.

The Heat used tonight to their advantage, as every player that struggled and players that haven't seen enough time on the floor, all got to play in live action to get better. The team was out rebounded 49-40 tonight, they swung the ball around, ending the night twice as much as assists (26) as the Wolves (13) The Heat at one point were up by 20, the Wolves cut it close to single digits in the end, but the Heat were able to pull away with the 2 most talented players on the floor, Bosh and Wade. Ok now time to look at some players.

Chris Bosh - At first I thought this would finally be the game that he struggled in, only scoring his first basket towards the end of the 1st quarter. Instead, he let the game come to him and ended up scoring half of his total points (24) in the 4th quarter. Throw in 6 rebounds and your MVP keeps on rolling.

Dwyane Wade - This was one of those games you were just lucky to have Wade on your team. Ending the night with 25 and 8, capitalized a thunderous slam late against the Wolves. Even though I can't find the gif of the dunk, here's Wade talking to Wiggins after the game offering advice.

Luol Deng and Norris Cole - This was a game they needed to do well in, and both of them did. Deng had 14 points while Norris Cole finally became visible again, producing his best game since opening night. An efficient game for Cole going 4-6 from the floor and dishing out 6 assists as well.

Udonis Haslem - The Captain finally made his return tonight, producing 8 points and 6 points. More might be asked of him tomorrow night, when he goes up against the man we call Dirk.

Shabazz Napier: There was another Shabazz on the floor tonight. His name was Shabazz Muhammad. This is how Napier introduced himself as the better Shabazz.

The Heat's glaring weakness, and I mean glaring by staring into the sun in the middle of the summer type of glaring, is defending against big men. For 3 games in a row now the opponents big men have feasted against the team on interior offense. If you let Nikola Pekovic have his way with you, can you imagine what Tyson Chandler will do? Tomorrow night vs Dallas. See you then. - @MyNameIsBinoj