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Heat take apart Mavericks with their most complete game of the season

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Heat dominate the shooting in a 105-96 win over the Dallas Mavericks.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In Dallas Texas, the Miami Heat faced their third back-to-back set in 12 days. Only this time they were without the fatigue that plagued them in Wednesday's loss to Charlotte.

Instead the Heat looked alive and ready to compete from the start as they rolled to a 105-96 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday night.

In the opening minutes it became obvious this was going to be contest. Miami came out attacking, not afraid to shift the ball shooting led to a 55-44 lead at halftime, shooting 60% against a lackluster Dallas team. Miami did well to rattle the defenders, Dirk Nowitzki doing his best with the support of Tyson Chandler and Monta Ellis to try and shift the balance but to no avail.

History sometimes has a way of repeating itself, with Miami now winning seven straight game regular season games against Dallas since THAT Finals series.

The duo of Chris Bosh (20 points, 5 assists) and Dwyane Wade (20 points, 10 assists) combined to organize the offense. Deng scored 30 points (13-19) in what was his breakout game, one that hinted he's getting much more comfortable with the offense.

Deng was please to have repeated his offensive effort against Minnesota.

‘Offensively we're moving the ball we just got to really focus on when we get the lead," Deng said afterwards.

Wade produced 20 points and 10 assists, surprising all by participating in a back-to-back once again, and while it's still very early in the season, he looks to possess the required longevity. For now at least.

Miami were without the services of Justin Hamilton, Danny Granger and Chris Andersen but it needn't matter; Haslem made it tough for Dallas at the post, the ball movement from a whole had Dallas scrambling. Combined with poor shooting from Chandler Parsons (1-9) and an average Nowitzki, it made for a satisfying win.

This was a game based on teamwork, on unison. Miami played with more cohesion. Mario Chalmers and Josh McRoberts both helped contained Dallas off the bench. Chalmers in particular was very strong, and he's looking more and more at home in the 6th man role.

Still, there were still the scrappy turnovers; the same defensive rebounding issues that have caught Miami out in the past.

Miami will now head back home and prepare to face an injury ravaged Indiana Pacers on Wednesday.