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The ReHeat: Heat vs Knicks

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Here's an entertaining second look at the Miami Heat's victory over the New York Knicks in Dwyane Wade's return.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Monday after Thanksgiving is such a struggle to get up for. If only we had it like Johnny:

But hey guess what? Dwyane Wade is back!! time to dance:

After 7 games off, Wade finally returned. The New York Knicks on the other hand wished he didn't. This game was built off a series of runs. The Heat opened the 1st quarter with a 10-2 run, then started the 2nd with a 16-4 run. Sounds like domination right? Well yea it was till the game was nearly lost. The Heat went up by 16 before the Knicks came running back, cutting a 16 point deficit to 2 (65-63) with about 9 minutes left. Wade then went all 2008 mode, and scored 12 of the next 15. The Knicks then made another run and once again got it to 2 (79-77) before Chris Bosh hit a three when it mattered most. Time to look at some players.

Dwyane Wade [27 points. 5 rebounds, 5 assists] - Clearly the team is better with him on the floor. In the 7 games without him the team went 3-4. The man had 27 points in total but 13 of them came in the 4th quarter. He's been in the league for 12 years and players STILL fall for the fake. The flaw in his game was his turnovers. Great stat line but being responsible for half the teams total turnovers is never good.

Best part of Wade's night wasn't his performance though. It was his wife, Gabrielle Union

Chris Bosh [20 points, 9 rebounds] Bosh made a HUGE three pointer to seal the game. The question now becomes, how will he handle Nene tonight? Considering the other Center is Marcin Gortat, will we see a Hassan Whiteside moment?

Carmelo Anthony provided all the scoring for the Knicks but he also provided last nights moment of confusion. The whistle blew too loud and Melo looked like he lost his hearing. We have yet to hear the whistles take on the whole thing.

In other bizarre news, Kevin Garnett thought "hey if you can't beat them, just try to eat them."

Ok back to normal Heat news. Wait hold on, Gerald Green first.

Aright so Heat at Wizards tonight. Finally both teams are healthy and all cleared to play. See you after the game for the ReHeat!