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This week in Heat basketball

This week has the Heat playing 4 games and beginning a 5 game road trip. Here's what's ahead and some FanDuel basketball advice.

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Each week, we like to give you a preview of what's ahead for the Miami Heat in their schedule, some special matchups and a little bit of FanDuel (SBN partner) advice for you to follow.

Here's this week's version of THIS WEEK IN HEAT BASKETBALL.

Heat @ Wizards

DETAILS: Monday, 7:00 PM

The Wizards are soaring high in the Eastern Conference right now. John Wall is leading them to a 10-5 record, although one of those blemishes was opening night in Miami. This time around, Bradley Beal will play and it's in Washington. This will be a really tough game for the Heat.

Luckily, Wade is back and looked good. I'd keep and eye out for that Dwyane Wade and Bradley Beal matchup. The Wizards have been known to blow the Heat out in Washington over the past few years, so Miami will have its work cut out for them.

FanDuel Advice: Marcin Gortat is a good play here for the Wizards. The Heat are the worst rebounding team in the league and Chris Andersen is still out. Gortat should have a good night. For the Heat, I again would like to say that Chris Bosh should be a good play on the other side.

Hawks @ Heat

DETAILS: Wednesday, 7:30 PM

The Hawks beat up on the Heat last time in Atlanta without Dwyane Wade 114-103. This time should be a different story with Wade in Miami. That doesn't mean it will be easy. Atlanta has a 9-6 record and still sport Paul Millsap and Al Horford in the front line. Jeff Teague is still a matchup problem for Miami as well.

What I am interested in watching is how Mario Chalmers can reassert himself as a power player with Wade back in the rotation. He struggled in New York, and I don't see Washington as a favorable matchup. But at home, Chalmers should find some rhythm again.

FanDuel Advice: I like Dwyane Wade as a play here. Atlanta doesn't have much when it comes to a wing stopper and that should play into Wade's hands. It might play into Luol Deng's hands as well and he could be a great fantasy add. Expect Millsap to have a really good night as well.

Heat @ Bucks

DETAILS: Friday, 8:30 PM

The Bucks beat the Heat in Miami on November 16 91-84. Brandon Knight became a big problem for the Heat that night and the Bucks escaped a tough road win. Now, they'll host the Heat. And although Milwaukee isn't a threat in the East, they have enough to make you work for a win. Jabari Parker is gaining more and more confidence as the season goes on.

This is a game that Chris Bosh just has to take over on the road. Wade has typically struggled in Milwaukee close to his Marquette home, and so I wouldn't put much stock into him being great. Bosh will need to be big, and shoot well, otherwise the Heat will walk out losers.

FanDuel Advice: The Bucks have five different players averaging in double figures, none are very impressive to help you win in fantasy. Giannis Antetokounmpo is typically a good buy for his price point, and you could see him being productive against Wade in this one. On Miami's side, I'd only suggest Bosh as a guaranteed productive night.

Heat @ Grizzlies

DETAILS: Sunday, 6:00 PM

The Grizzlies have the NBA's best record (15-2) and will make a life hell for the Heat. Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and Mike Conley are players that get the best of the Heat. Without Chris Andersen, Miami's power rotation will struggle. You may even see Justin Hamilton play this game. Expect a bruiser and tough game for the Heat on the road, the second of five straight.

This is a few games in advance, but's hard seeing Miami pulling this one out. I expect Gasol and Randolph to be dominant and the Heat to struggle. Sometimes, you have to be realistic, but hoping for the best.

FanDuel Advice: Play Zach Randolph. The rebounding, no presence at the rim and his style will help him have a great game. On the Heat's side there isn't anyone who sticks out as a great play, but someone will step up and be a good buy. If I had to guess Mario Chalmers.


Disclosure: Remember, even though FanDuel sponsors this post, all the opinions and insights are my own. FanDuel has given me a little bit of money to start playing already.

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The Best night to play this week: Friday, December 5. 24 of the 30 NBA teams will be in action that night, but unfortunately not the Heat.

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