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Udonis Haslem talks about Dad Life

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In a new short video, Udonis Haslem reveals his thoughts on parenthood and Dad Life.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Udonis Haslem sat down with Miami HEAT sideline reporter Kristen Hewitt and answered some personal questions on parenting for Hewitt's Mommy In Sports blog.

During the interview, called a "2 Minute Drill," Haslem was quite open and honest about a variety of questions which really gives Miami Heat fans another perspective on the home-grown captain.

When asked about curse words his kids have blurted out, Haslem quickly pleads his innocence and throws his wife, Faith, under the bus.  With regard to punishment preferences, UD mentions spanking but Hewitt would not go there given the recent conversations around Adrian Peterson.

A little surprise walk-by from Dwyane Wade prompts Haslem to recall that his least favorite children's show is the one DWade appeared on earlier this year, Austin and Alley.  (Haslem confesses he only dislikes the show because Wade was on it.)

Many Miami Heat players are parents and Hewitt plans to do more of these interviews in the coming months.  It's fun to see a different side of the Heat players and in many cases we realize, they're just like us.