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Around the Net: Thursday Heat Links - Wade isn't fond of Miami's approach

Today's Heat links feature quotes from Dwyane Wade questioning Miami's offensive system, why Chris Broussard is "baffled" by Miami, and how Josh McRoberts is keeping Miami weird.

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Well, the Miami Heat lost again, and this time in horrific fashion.

Hopefully Miami is able to pull things together come Friday against the Utah Jazz, but in the meantime here are your Heat links for Thursday:

Heat Links:

  • Cooper Moorhead of takes an inside look at Josh McRoberts and how he's keeping Miami "weird" []
  • Ira Winderman analyzes how Justin Hamilton, and Hassan Whiteside offer the Heat a glimpse of things to come [Sun Sentinel]
  • Chris Broussard is baffled by the Heat right now, and questions McRoberts fit with the team. [CBS]
  • Dwyane Wade questions Miami's offensive system. [Sun-Sentinel]

What's going on around the league:

  • Unfortunately, Tracy McGrady is happily retired [PBT]
  • Kobe Bryant is being moved to point guard. [Orange County Register]
  • Rajon Rondo floored Lance Stephenson last night with an elbow. [PBT]