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The ReHeat: Heat vs Bulls

Here's a second and slightly entertaining look at the Bulls win over the Heat in Miami.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This wasn't how it was supposed to go down.

This game was supposed to be a measuring stick. All players were supppposed to be available. On one side you have Derrick Rose streaking across the floor, and Joakim Noah would be creating plays from the top of the key. On the Heats end there would be Chris Bosh continually attacking the rim and Dwyane Wade draining jumper after jumper. By game's end the Heat were supposed to feed off the home crowd and escape with a victory.

Back to reality.

This was hopefully the ugliest game of the season. For both teams. If it wasn't for Mike Dunleavy becoming Steph Curry, this game might have ended with a score in the 60's. Yes you read that right. Mike Dunleavy buried the Heat last night. The Heat started the night missing a front court but tried to establish defense by attempting to steal passes JJ Watt style. The Heat shot a dreadful 35% from the field and 18% from behind the three.This team doesn't have an established rotation due to players dropping like flies. By the end of the night, the sad result was the Heat have a better record on the road (7-6) than at home (4-7) Oh and by the way, the Heat will travel to Brooklyn tomorrow night but after that have a 7 game home stand after that. This might get REALLY ugly if this losing continues. Time to look at some players.

Dwyane Wade [17 points 6 rebounds]: Jimmy Butler didn't fall for that Wade fake once, and as a result, Wade didn't know what to do after. 17 points on 18 shots added with six turnovers. That's what you call double trouble. Even with Chris Bosh at his best this team is struggling, so imagine the struggle with Wade alone will be.

Luol Deng [17 points, 10 rebounds]:The man played a great a game against his former team but the question is when will his current team be healthy enough to be great with him?

Chris Andersen, Udonis Haslem, Justin Hamilton - So these guys were your power rotation for the night, and the only conclusion to draw is Hassan Whiteside needs to be back. Andersen provided energy during the Lebron years. Many times he was the oldest AND most energetic player on the floor. Now? He's just old. Haslem started, produced nothing in a game where he was needed. Justin Hamilton? the only seven footer to attack the hoop with endless lay ups. When he has the ball he's always putting it down and almost looks nervous and out of place. Sure he provided 10 points but many times during the game you just shook your head. Amongst the 3 Heat Bigs that played, Danny Granger had the biggest defensive play of the game. That's a problem.

The Heat are unfortunately 11-13 and destined for 43-39, and sixth place in the East. Want to hear something crazy? When Kobe plays D Wade on January 13th, both teams might not be .500. Congrats Kobe on passing Jordan in scoring. The only time "Kobe" and "passing" are used together. Heat at Nets tomorrow night. See you then!