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Heat Links: Miami seeking salary exception to replace McRoberts?

Today's links take a look at how things got so bad for the Heat, including an update on Chris Bosh's injury as well as the report regarding Miami's urge to seek an injury exception to replace McRoberts.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Things are terrible for Miami right now, our players are sick and injured, to the point where assistant coach Juwan Howard is helping out on the practice court to provide an extra body. Tonight the Heat go up against the Nets, assuming Dwyane Wade is able to play it might be a competitive game, assuming he can't it might be another shot to the L column.

Heat Links:

  • Miami is seeking a $2.65 million dollar player exception to replace McRoberts. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Miami still doesn't know when Bosh will be back [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Ethan Skolnick analyzes how it got so bad, so fast for the Heat [Bleacher Report]

Heat Tweets:

What's happening around the league:

  • The Nets want to blow up the house, but they also want to keep some of the furniture. [PBT]
  • Evan Turner thinks he's Jesus [PBT]
  • Jabari Parker got hurt last night, thankfully things appear to be okay for the promising rookie [SB Nation NBA]